May 17, 2011

shooting my promo in central park

Dave Ebel Director  Jacob- is holding the boom, Carly Howard and Dustin Cross are acting.  I had so much fun.  perfect weather, perfect location, great people.

April 21, 2011

lead guitars and stepping out of the box

While the moment captured in this picture only lasted for 20 short minutes on a fairly hectic mini getaway, i assure you it was just as fun as fun as it looks.   It was good to step out of the box and let my fingers and mind take a break from constant practice.

Meanwhile, production continues.  i am adding grungy rhythm and lead guitar to one of my songs called Free.  This is a song I “finished” several times already, but the beauty of not having a deadline is that when inspiration strikes, there is still time for editing before the true “final” version is pressed…

March 25, 2011



February 28, 2011

falsettos and distorted guitars

Good session today.  I re-sang “Ruby Lights”- a song I first recorded three years ago.  The vocals sound more intimate and closer now.  We also changed the drums to be closer in as well because they sounded too roomy in the initial production.  Also added some electric guitars on top of the acoustic tracks which sound great.

January 23, 2011

bass players, drummers and artists

Over the past week, I rented some practice studios to jam with a bunch of musicians for my upcoming live performances.

Meanwhile,  I continue to fine tune the production of my songs.

January 12, 2011 - 1 Comment

I had a blast watching the Tom Tom Club at Irving Plaza

check out this 30 second clip…
Tom Tom Club at Irving Plaza